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Crime and Punishment

Crime and punishment in medieval times was often a painful and unjust experience. Let us show your visitors what it was like to be tried in medieval times, the crimes they committed and what the punishments were likely to be by putting them on trial. This display can be run to timetable with trials taking place at various times throughout the day. They can undergo a trial by fire or hot water and learn about the famous medieval animal trials and why our medieval ancestors but all sorts of animals on trial including pigs, dogs and even weevils!

We have lots of replica punishment items including stocks, pillories, manacles (foot, neck and hand), scolds bridal, thumbscrews and brands.

Visitors are invited to try out the stocks, pillories and manacles for themselves!

F Brand for branding criminalsScolds Bridal - Incredibly uncomfortable, I couldn't bear more than 30 seconds