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DollsPeople love toys & games and medieval games are no exception. Many of the medieval games are no longer played or not commonly played anymore and are therefore of particular interest to the public. In this display adults and children alike are encouraged to learn about and play with the medieval toys and games.

Games include the following: Merles (9 mens morris), fox & geese, dice, knucklebones (pewter & real). We even have a replica 13thC chess set and can show them how to play medieval chess. We also have some superb replica medieval playing cards to show them, although sadly what card games our medieval ancestors played is unknown.

For centuries people thought that medieval childhoold might not have been a fun time but thinking has changed in recent years and our set of medieval toys certainly proves this. Medieval toys include: dolls, leather & wooden balls, cup & ball (slightly later), hobby horses, whipping tops, spinning tops, minature replica ceramics (So similar to the miniature tea sets we play with now!), ceramic figures & animals, wheeled toys, rattles, marbles, whistles, hoops and diablo. Pewter toys were also incredibly popular in medieval times, particularly in England. Our pewter replicas include a bird with a moving tongue (original in the Museum of London), minature pewter jug and a whistle in the shape of a head. These were just the toys, they had lots of other games too, blind mans buff and apple bobbing to name but a few!



Toys & games Playing skittles

Jen playing with the whipping topReplica pewter toys including a jug, whistle shaped like a head & a bird with moving tongueHobby Horses

miniature toy ceramicsSkittles played with sticksMarbles

Sheeps knucklebonesToys on wheelsBalls & Bilboquet

Ceramic animals and figurescards

ChessFox & GeesePewter knucklebonesMerles or nine mens morris